Posted: April 20, 2013

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‘Adventure’ launches trio

Adventure Publications has chosen the three manuscripts to launch its series of outdoors mystery/thrillers in three of the most popular and iconic outdoors locations in the world. My Double Dare is set in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado; Christine’s Tip of a Bone takes place in the riverlands of northwest Oregon; and Cary’s Wolves unfolds in the Mesabi Iron Range of north central Minnesota. Cambridge is also home to Adventure Publications, which has operated there for 25 years.

All three books are currently going through editing and formatting in preparation for ARCs — Advance Reading Copies, which AP will be sending out soon to national book buyers and reviewers in advance of the official release in September. AP is simultaneously designing covers for all three as well.

I’ve talked online with both Christine and Cary. It’s been great to get to know them and share the first trek down the fiction trail for all of us. We’re all excited, and we feel like we’re in great hands with not only an experienced publisher but one that is extremely familiar and knowledgable about the geography in which our stories take place.

More soon.–MM