Posted: September 3, 2013

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‘Double Dare’ hits shelves

Double Dare is not your typical adventure/mystery/thriller. Its setting, the Dolores River whitewater winding beneath cliff-edged mountain bike trails and challenging rock climbs, becomes a character all on its own. The rugged Four Corners wilderness and the constant threat of wildfire brings to life what it is like to live and play in today’s Wild West.

“I wanted to write the novel I couldn’t find on book store shelves,” says author Michael Madigan. “One that takes the reader into the backwoods and loses him and her in physical challenges, but at the same time casts the characters in a contemporary West. I wanted to pit modern adventure versus old-school frontier values.

“I grew up reading Jack London and Robert Louis Stevenson. Writers like Elmore Leonard and Larry McMurtry painted western adventure on a much larger canvas. I miss all of their stories.”