Heroes, Villains, Dames & Disasters

The book is currently being printed, and I expect it to be delivered in Denver around June 10. Reserve Orders will be filled IMMEDIATELY when the book arrives. I really think it makes a terrific Father’s Day gift for former Rocky readers, or for anyone who enjoys Colorado and American history, and would also like to look behind the big headlines …

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The Rocky @ 150 series

You can find early “chapters” of the original series, The Rocky @ 150 Years, by following …

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Mayor John Hickenlooper: Heroes, Villains, Dames & Disasters

“The Rocky Mountain News had a front-row seat to history for almost 150 years. This book terrifically recaptures the glory, the tragedy and everything in between.”

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John Temple: Heroes, Villains, Dames & Disasters

“The Rocky Mountain News was Colorado’s first newspaper. As its last editor, I believe this book by Mike Madigan will be a must-have for anybody who cares about the history of the state. The Rocky couldn’t have asked for a better written or more beautiful eulogy.”

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Richard Lamm: Heroes, Villains, Dames & Disasters

“A history, a tribute, a remembrance, a celebration – alas – an obituary of one of Colorado’s most important institutions. The history of Denver and Colorado unfolds before your very eyes. A compelling read.”

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How did you choose the front pages?

“I started by asking other editors and reporters what important dates in history they thought should be included. Then I added my own list. Surprisingly, that still only made up about 75 historic dates. So I started consulting history books…

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Where did you get the idea for the Rocky150 series?

“When the Rocky began brainstorming ideas for its 150th anniversary, I proposed it then. I love history, and I think everyone gets a kick out of looking at old front pages. They’re like snapshots of history…

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What is your favorite front page in the Rocky150 series, and why?

“I think it may actually be a series of front pages from October, 1962 – the aptly named ‘week that shook the world.’ It was early in John F. Kennedy’s presidency, the U.S. had discovered Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles based in Cuba, more Russian ships were headed for Cuba, and Kennedy blockaded them…

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